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Recent Happenings

31 Dec 2017
More illustrations to see

I know it's been a while, but I have still been creative none-the-less. Check out some recent illustrations from the last year or so on my Illustrations page.

01 Nov 2014
The New Stripey Dee Calendar is here

Check out the illustrations for the Stripey Dee 2015 calendar on the Stripey Dee page.

20 June 2013
Some new and old art

I have uploaded some new illustrations plus some paintings from 2011 and 2012.

11 March 2013
Stripey Dee in Havana

I have just uploaded a brand new Stripey Dee illustration.

10 February 2013
A New Year, a New Look for the Paintdistresser Website

It's always a good idea to get the least creative work out of the way as soon as possible, so it is with anticipation of a busy creative year that I thought it wise to do an overhaul of the website.Expect More Stripey Dee meanderings plus a return to the darker stuff too!

28 January 2013
Talks with a Devil

Just had a marvellous review of my artwork by Barry John on his blog So check out what he has to say about my work and also check his work out as he is an awesome sculptor and prop-builder with a penchant for dark imagery!

22 Oct 2012
New Stripey Dee Calendar Hot off the Press!

The artwork for the new Stripey Dee calendar can be seen in the Stripey Dee part of this website (website information amended 10 Feb 2013). It is now available to buy via The Paintdistresser shop on Folksy.

22 July 2012
New Stripey Dee Illustrations

I have updated the Stripey Dee section (website information amended 10 Feb 2013) to show all the Stripey Dee images, including a sneaky preview of the ones for the 2013 calendar. More artwork to follow shortly, including paintings, drawings and illustrations.

17 to 24 Nov 2011
New York Project

An exhibition curated by Matt Vickerstaff and Diana More at Brooklyn Fire Proof - yes my artwork is in the Big Apple of the US of A !!!
New York Project

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07 Aug 2011
Torn Between The Light And Dark

A solo exhibition of paintings from the last 10 years:
Wednesday 31 August 2011 to Friday 30th September.
Launch Night: Saturday 03 September 2011 6pm to 11pm
Come and join me for a drink or 2 on the launch night, in this real ale pub in central Derby
Crompton Tavern, 40 Crompton Street, Derby DE1 1NX

Go on, you know you want to come! As a reward I'll throw in a printable statement

22 March 2011
Whole in One

I have a painting in this exhibition at the Crocus Gallery of artists who help run the gallery. Runs from 22 March to 02 April 2011. See Facebook event page

23 February 2011
Inside the Crocus - On Tour

The Crocus Gallery's artists have crossed the border and are headed for the The Crompton Tavern in Derby. Their artwork will be on display from 01 to 27 March - and the Pivate View will be on Friday 04 March.

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03 December 2010
Hurry my Stripey Dee calendars are nearly sold out!

If you wanna buy a Stripey Dee calendar there are now only 4 left, so go to The Paintdistresser's shop on

26 November 2010

I have created 12 charming illustrations for a calendar, so what are you waiting for? Go and check them out in my 17 Nov 2010Stripey Dee section.(website information amended 10 Feb 2013)

17 Nov 2010
Inside the Crocus

I have 4 new paintings which I am premiering at an exhibition of artists who volunteer for the Crocus Gallery in Lenton, Nottingham. This exhibition opens with a Private View on Thursday 18th November from 6 to 9pm (all are welcome to join us!) and runs until 2nd December. Alice Thickett and yours truly curated this exhibition which features 7 artists including ourselves and whose artwork includes painting, collage, sculpture, video and installation. So do pop along and check us out.

16 Nov 2010
Art for Sale

There is now a selection of small, affordable drawings alongside bookmarks and handmade books by The Paintdistresser on Folksy.

13 Aug 2010
Small Change

Bookmarks and handmade books by the The Paintdistresser on Folksy for a few pounds each. There has also been a few tweaks on the site including the naming of the Rites and Rituals series from last year (about time you say!) a revamped logo and a couple of up-coming exhibitions. Have a browse!

02 June 2010
Art in Sherwood

I am pleased to be taking part in Sherwood Art Week (doing what it says on the tin), which is a week of art in Sherwood (a suburb of Nottingham, so not in a forest or anything!) starting on Friday 19th June and culminating in the Sherwood Festival on Saturday 26th June. There's going to be loads of art in shop windows, houses, churches, community centres, etc plus the festival will have loads of bands, stalls and activities. Check the Sherwood Art Week blog and the Sherwood Festival website for a full rundown of what's happening (loads of workshops and family-friendly fun things to do!) it's going to be a real community-wide event. Not only will I be exhibiting at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre, I will also have paintings in the window of Laurie's Greengrocers on Mansfield Road (thanks Soroosh!) and The Sherwood Cobbler on Haydn Road (thanks Paul!). I'm also selling drawings and prints at the Secret Garden Craft Fair. Plus (if that wasn't enough!) I'm sharing a stall at the Sherwood Festival.

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01 June 2010
New Paintings

I have 7 new paintings in my Painting section - 5 of which are on plywood.

15 Jan 2010
It's Outta this World Man

Danse Macabre has locked on your co-ordinates so prepare to be beamed aboard as The Pit of Curiosities enters this sector on 12 February 2010. Yes the future is around the corner. Expect aliens, mutants and science gone wrong in this second outing of Danse Macabre's Pit of Curiosities taking place in the Pit and Pendulum in Nottingham. It's sure to be fun and you get to wear your best silver wigs and shiny jump-suits!

01 Dec 2009
Danse Macabre is Over For Another Year

Wow that was a whirlwind experience - 2 cities in 2 weeks. Fortunately no witches were crushed under houses in the process! You can check out the photos of both exhibitions if you head to Facebook or MySpace.

01 Oct 2009
Danse Macabre - A Tale of 2 Cities!

Yes, Danse Macabre is at 3 Mount St, (map) in Nottingham from 12 to 16 November (private view 14 November) and at Orbital Comics, (map) in London from 19 to 23 November (private view 21 November). For more details about the venues and the artists involved visit the Danse Macabre website. Both private views are guest list only - so hurry if you want to see the artists up close and personal! (It's free but you need to email to reserve your place.)

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26 Jul 2009
Busy, Busy, Busy

Ok, Ok, I know it's been a while, but I have been busy. Danse Macabre is coming to Nottingham and London this autumn and the Danse Macabre crew have been busy planning those events and yes it looks like a follow up to the Pit of Curosities is steaming into view on the horizon (February 2010). I have still found time though to daub more paint around and have come up with 12 new canvases called Rites and Rituals for your delight which you can see in the Painting section (website information amended 10 Feb 2013).

16 Apr 2009
Strange Scenes Inside The Pit

At last, what we were all waiting for... the video evidence of the strange shenanikins at the Pit of Curiosities! Courtesy of Michael Ross:

Watch it on YouTube

20 Mar 2009
The Roar of The Grease Paint, the Smell of the Crowd!

The Pit of Curiosities has been and gone, leaving a few more warped minds behind in its wake... If you want to know what it was all about, but were afraid to ask, there is now photographic evidence on MySpace - opens in a new window.

15 Jan 2009
Dare You Enter the Pit of Curiosities?

The new year has barely begun, yet Danse Macabre has an event to titillate and tantalise!! Using a heady mix of live art, burlesque, music, magic and illusion Danse Macabre will be recreating, for one night only, their Victorian sideshow-inspired Pit of Curiosities. Be: ASTOUNDED by the living Feejee Mermaid, MESMERISED by the feral Tattoed Lady, ENTRANCED by the fragile Living Doll, AWED by the graceful Conjoined Twins, and ENCHANTED by the mysticism of the Oracle! All located in the suitably atmospheric basement of the Pit & Pendulum pub, located in the centre of Nottingham. Pit of Curiosities is part of Nottingham City Council's programme of Light Night events. The price - just £1.00 on the door.

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09 Dec 2008
Necronoclast Album Artwork

If you're stuck for something to buy this Xmas, a copy of Haven would perhaps go down well! Necronoclast's Greg Edwards commissioned me to do a drawing for their new album Haven which is out now. The drawing is located in the centre-spread of the booklet - I won't tell you more about the drawing image just to make you go and buy the CD!!!!

14 Nov 2008
Danse Macabre 2008 - the Photographic Evidence!

Well, we had amazing feedback from visitors to the Danse Macabre 2008 exhibition. The general view was that it was an even stronger show than 2007. Obviously Matt, Charlotte and myself were mildly chuffed at that! We managed to coax over 200 guests to our little soiree on 31st October, to sample cocktails, be dazzled by the prestidigitation of Dee Christopher and swoon over Annette Foster's performance of 'Destiny'. So if you were there or came along during the week, then thanks for your support, if you weren't you'll just to make sure that you don't miss the next Danse Macabre event! Either way, check out the photos from the private view: (warning contains fake blood!)
The photos are on MySpace - opens in a new window.

09 Sept 2008
Things That go Bump in the Night!

Yes, it's that time of year again! If you like your art dark, then come along to the Danse Macabre exhibition at View From The Top in Nottingham and have a gander. Sorry, if you're name's not down on the guestlist already, then the private view is chokka! But don't fear the exhibition runs from Wednesday 29th October to Monday 3rd November and is open 10am to 7pm and there's the added bonus of seeing a few of the artists and sipping some wine on Saturday 1st November. Try and discern the undead from the hung-over. You'll be drawn like ghouls to a corpse candle!

09 Sept 2008
5 New Paintings

I bet you're wondering how I can produce new paintings and be co-organising the major art extravaganza that is Danse Macabre?? Well my genius knows no bounds (ahem!) I, er, just paint quickly - they don't call me The Paintdistresser for nothing (actually they just dont...).

26 Aug 2008
Redecoration and New Drawings

Hope the new decor is as welcoming as ever! 4 new drawings are now on the website. I'll shortly be adding a couple of older ones, which have previously been overlooked, plus hopefully a couple more paintings

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18 July 2008
New Artwork on Show in Nottingham

2 of me daubings are viewable from 23rd July to 30th August as part of Fresh Art 2 at VIEW from the top, come to the private view on Wednesday 23rd July from 6pm to 9pm and sup some vino, if you feel like it!

18 July 2008
New Artwork

I've just uploaded 6 new paintings. 3 of which should be exhibited in Nottingham in the coming week.

06 June 2008
Danse Macabre 29 Oct to 3 Nov 2008 - Update

It's going to be bigger, better, darker (if that's possible!!). The private view (sponsored by Basilica Music and The Pit and Pendulum) will be photographed by Trent House Studios. Expect coverage also in Zero Tolerance magazine.

05 June 2008
Exhibition in Burton-on-Trent

Some of my artwork will be appearing very shortly in the Brewhouse Arts Centre, along with Jennifer Blant and Andy Cole in the exhibition Horizons. The private view is on 30th June and the exhibition is open to the public from 1st July to 2nd August.

08 May 2008
New Art

I've just uploaded 10 new paintings. There's also 2 new drawings

25 Apr 2008
Danse Macabre 2008 - Full Steam Ahead!!

The juggernaut that is Danse Macabre has been revved up and will lumber in to Nottingham in October, so be prepared! Other news is that I've loads of artwork which I'll shortly put up for all to see on this here website.

05 Mar 2008
Exhibition in Nottingham

No sooner than I'd pitched up at my new studio space in Thingland I was generously offered an exhibition! Come along to The Forest Fields Social Club in the Sumac Centre. Exhibition runs from now until the end of March.

29 Feb 2008
New Year, New Studio space, New Art

Yes, its all happening! I've just been a bit tardy in keeping you all informed. Just moved into a studio group called Thingland, in Nottingham, a stones-throw away from my old space but still had to lug all my work and paraphernalia up 3 flights of stairs! Will shortly be announcing dates of exhibitions as well as adding more artwork. Keep you all posted.

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11 Nov 2007
Show's Over

Well for the moment it is! Danse Macabre was very, very successful. Yes, Andy Hixon sold all, yes ALL his work in the exhibition. Of the 14 artists on show 9 sold work. I'll keep you posted on upcoming exhibitions, both mine and Danse Macabre as soon as I have more info.

01 Nov 2007
Danse Macabre

The art is selling like hotcakes at VIEW From The Top. Check it out before its too late... Andy Hixon has just sold all his work! About 180 people attended the Private View on 30th October. There's a veritable selection of paintings, illustrations, photography, graphic art, ceramics and sculpture on display with original artwork from as little as £25. The exhibition runs until Monday 5th November. Come and meet the artists on Saturday 3rd November. Grab that unique Xmas present while you still can!

13 Aug 2007
Danse Macabre

Charlotte Thomson, Matt Vickerstaff and yours truly have collected a coterie of artists to tantalise you with images of ethereal haunting beauty, as well as send a shiver down your spine.

13 Aug 2007
In the Real World, again!!

If you live in Nottingham 4 of my new paintings will be on display at VIEW from the top as part of Fresh Art. All work for sale through - feel free to have a bid or BUY IT NOW!!!!!!.

14 May 2007

Thanks to everyone who came to the New Beginnings exhibition at View from the top. If you couldn't make it, keep watching this space and I'll keep you informed of future appearances. In the meantime I will be uploading more artwork as soon as it is produced.

02 May 2007

Thanks to everyone who came to the Private View. It was a good attendance at New City Studio's New Beginnings exhibition last night at VIEW from the top. Some artists have already sold some work. Not to worry if you couldn't make it, the show goes on until the morning of 14 May, it's conveniently located on 4th floor above Waterstones in Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham and is open from 9am to 7pm everyday except Sunday when it is open 10:30am to 5pm.

25 April 2007
New Website Loads of Paintings (at last!)

I promised I'd do it...and I have...finally....Feel free to have a look round. Loads of new paintings to peruse, hopefully more to come. New paintings are courtesy of a 5-month stint in New City Studio a studio space organised by City Arts in Nottingham. But now that's finished, rather than let sleeping dogs lie, I've acquired a new more permanent space to be-spatter! I'll upload new artwork as and when they arrive.

25 April 2007
Be Warned... The Paintdistresser Is In a Space Near You!

...well if you live in Nottingham that is! Some of my new paintings will be on display at VIEW from the top along with the other resident artists from New City Studio, from 1 to 14 May. All work for sale at affordable prices

25 April 2007
Be VERY Afraid!

Afraid Yet????
Well you will be on 30 October of this year. It's a way off yet, but loads of time to feel the fear! At VIEW from the top you will encounter darkness, yes sir I say DARKNESS! Experience the Danse Macabre, a collection of unfeasibly dark and deranged artists (including yours truly) who have come together to disturb your every waking moment (at least for one week). I'll keep posting news on this.

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