The artwork of Paul Bowring - taking you on a journey into the unknown.
Beyond this point, there be dragons and beasties!

The Artist

Paul Bowring is an artist hailing from Bristol, England - now hiding out in Robin Hood territory (Nottingham).

Paul's paintings although seemingly figurative, are in fact depictions of a reality known only to himself. They are produced with the heavy-handed thwack of palette knife and the splat of acrylic paint against canvas (or wood, face, clothes, etc.) no doubt the origin of his nom-de-guerre.

Paul's illustrations range in theme from dark and disturbing to the colourful meandering of his Stripey Dee series. They range from fully physical to fully digital creations according to his whim and inclination. The tools he uses include stylus on tablet, pens, pencils and erasers on paper, all pushed to the limit until either his mind or the image surrenders.

Recent Words from the Creator

23 February 2016
New Illustrations

13 recent illustrations to see, so just hop on over to the Illustration section for a peep.

01 November 2014
The New Stripey Dee is Here

I have just uploaded illustrations from the new Stripey Dee calendar.

22 June 2014
New Illustrations

I have uploaded some new illustrations from earlier this year, so just pop over to the illustrations and Stripey Dee sections and have a gawp.

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